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Yiddish-English Glossary

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  • Ich bin ahntoisht - I am disapointed
  • Ich bin dich nit mekaneh - I don't envy you
  • Ich darf es ahf kapores - It's good for nothing! I have no use for it. (Lit., I need it for a [useless] fowl sacrifice)
  • Ich darf es vi a loch in kop! - I need it like a hole in the head!
  • Ich eil zich (nit) - I am (not) in a hurry
  • Ich feif oif dir! - I despise you! Go to the devil! (Lit., I whistle on you!)
  • Ich hob dir! - Drop dead! Go flap you ears! (Lit., I have you....!) (Americanisn!)
  • Ich hob dich in bod! - To hell with you! (Lit., I have you in the bath house!)
  • Ich hob es in drerd! - To hell with it
  • Ich hob im feint - I hate him
  • Ich hob im in bod! - To hell with him
  • Ich vais - I know
  • Ich vais nit. - I don't know.
  • Ich vel dir geben kadoches! - I'll give you nothing! (Lit., I'll give you malaria or a fever.)
  • Ich yog zich nit. - I'm not in a hurry.
  • Ich zol azoy vissen fun tsores. - I should know as little about trouble (as I know about what you are asking me).
  • Iker - Substance; people of substance
  • In a noveneh - For a change; once in a blue moon
  • In di alteh guteh tseiten! - In the good old days!
  • In drerd mein gelt! - My money went down the drain! Lost. (Lit., My money went to burial in the earth, to hell.)
  • In miten drinen - In the middle of; suddenly
  • Ipish - Bad odor, stink
  • Ir gefelt mir zaier. - You please me a great deal.
  • Iz brent mir ahfen hartz. - I have a heartburn. I am sad.