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Yiddish-English Glossary

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Ta'am - Taste, flavor; good taste

Tahkeh - Really! Is that so? Certainly!

Tahkeh a metsieh - Really a bargain! (usually said with sarcasm)

Taiglech - Small pieces of baked dough or little cakes dipped in honey

Tallis - Rectangular prayer-shawl to whose four corners, fringes are attached

Talmud - The complete treasury of Jewish law interpreting the Torah into livable law

Talmud Torah - The commandment to study the Law; an educational institution for orphans and poor children, supported by the community; in the United States, a Hebrew school for children

Tandaitneh - Inferior

Tararam - Big noise, big deal

Tashlich - Ceremony of the casting off of sins on the Jewish New Year (crumbs of bread symbolizing one's sins are cast away into a stream of water in the afternoon of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashoneh)

Tateh, tatteh, tatteh, tatteleh, tatinka, tatteniu - Father, papa, daddy, pop, terms of endearment with children 

Tateh-mameh, papa-mama - Parents

Tatenui - Father dear (The suffix "niu" in Yiddish is added for endearing intimacy; also, God is addressed this way by the pious; Tateniu-Foter means God, our Father

Teier - Dear, costly, expensive

Tei-yerinkeh! - Sweetheart, dearest

Temp - Dolt , stupid

Temper kop - Dullard

T'noim - Bethrothal, engagement

Toches - Buttocks, behind, fanny (ass)

Toches ahfen tish! - Put up or shut up! Let's conclude this! (Lit., Asses on the table!)

Toches-lecker - Brown-noser, apple-polisher, ass-kisser

Togshul - Day school

Toig ahf kapores! - Good for nothing! It's worth nothing!

Traif - Forbidden food, impure, contrary to the Jewish dietary laws, non-kosher

Traifener bain - Jew who does not abide by Jewish law (derisive, scornful expression

Traifeneh bicher - Forbidden literature

Traifnyak - Despicable person; on who eats non-kosher food

Trenen - To tear, rip

Trogedik - Pregnant

Trog gezunterhait! - Wear it in good health!

Trombenik - A bum, no-good person, ne'er-do-well; a faker

Tsaddik - Pious, righteous person

Tsatskeh - Doll, plaything; toy,  something cute; an overdressed woman; a sexy girl

Tsatskeleh der mamehs! - Mother's favorite! Mother's pet!

Tsebrech a fus! - Break a leg! ,Good luck on the stage.

Tsedokeh - Spirit of philantrophy; charity, benevolence

Tsedrait - Nutty, crazy, screwy

Tsedraiter kop - Bungler

Tsemisht - Confused, befuddled, mixed-up

Tshatshki - Toy, doo-dad; pretty girl ,

Tshepen - To annoy, irk, plague, bother, attack unwantedly

Tsevishen-shtotisheh telefonistkeh - Long distance operator

Tsegait zich in moyl - It melts in the mouth, delicious, yummy-yummy

Tsemishnich - Confusion

Tsiklen zich - The cantor's ecstatic repetition of a musical phrase

Tsimmes - Sweet carrot compote; (slang) a major issue made out of a minor event

Tsitskeh - Breast, teat, udder

Tsnueh - Chaste

Tsores - Troubles, misery, bad luck 

Tsutsheppenish - Hanger-on; unwanted companion; pest; nuisance

Tsum glik, tsum shlimazel - For better, for worse

Tu mir a toiveh. - Do me a favor.

Tu mir nit kain toives. - Don't do me any favors.

Tumel - Confusion, loud noise, uproar

Tumler - A noise-maker (person); an agitator , joker

Tut vai dos harts - Heartbroken

Tzitzis - Fringes attached to the four corners of the tallis

Tzufil! - Too much! Too costly! Overpriced !