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The Mitzvah In Being A Pen Pal . . Testimonials Page 1

Excerpts From Mail We Have Received . . . .

...."I have just heard from Ben S.  I know he was very excited to receive your letter as I got a letter from another inmate in the same unit thanking us for a letter we sent. He said how his friend Ben S, had come running up waving a letter and shouting, 'I've got a pen friend ....Someone has written to me!' Your program is a ray of sunshine."

...and this, from a 58 year old prisoner's letter to Aleph:
"...I cannot put into words how happy I was to receive a letter from her and her family. This is such a lonely place...I just cannot express how important it was to receive a letter... from someone who would care enough to write to me. - Sheldon.B.

...and these excerpts:

Isaac N. Age 24 : "Just someone who is open to writing to someone in prison...someone who will accept me for what I am and not play
head games."

Sam W. Age 51 .. "It doesn't really matter who writes to me...just somebody...please, please."

Marilyn J., Age 47 ..her 2nd application: "...Please...it's been a long time and I haven't heard from anyone...I have faith that someone will..."

Abe D., Age 23: " My pen pal has written some kind words and will encourage me to learn more from her. I am so pleased. "

Eli R., Age 28: "...My Pal is great, he helps me learn prayers...I have no parents and it feels so good that I am back in touch with the Jewish community...It's hard being in prison and having no contact with anybody that you know...they keep moving me, but I'll keep sending my new
address to my new friend...Thank you Aleph ."

Barbara, M.., Age 39: "...I probably won't ever be getting out of prison...so just a letter, even a postcard...just to get some mail and know someone is out there...has given me the strength to face my future."

Joel M., Age 66: "...its really hard being in here...if someone writes they need to know each day for me is much the same...be nice to hear from someone though, I have so much to share."

Ben A., Age 41: "...I've been in prison for 16 years now with very little 'free world contact'...it is wonderful to actually hear from a person who is writing to me...especially to me."

Aaron L: Age 38 "...I am an active member of the orthodox prisoners here, three of us.  We spend nearly the whole day in the yard reading siddur and trying to keep out of harm's way. My study skills aren't as good as they could be as I did a lot of drugs before I came to prison, and my memory isn't so good... ....thank you for the wonderful lady from Ohio , my new pen friend."

Jason B., age 47: "...Just received a Pen Pal application form and realized I haven't been the most communicative guy for the last 13 years...So put me on the list... and when you have someone to write to me I will be a delightful pen pal ." (and he has - a letter every two weeks - and he has changed so much. Less anger and a softer heart, we are told by his Pal.)

Rebecca J., Age 32: "...someone...anyone...that will talk to me. It's so lonely in here and it would be wonderful to receive a letter...to hear from anyone , and not be isolated..."

Aaron A., Age 29: "...if you can see past the mistakes I have made in my life, you would know that getting a letter is a mitzvah, and maybe better than I deserve...."

Morris S., Age 42: "...who do I want to write to me? Whoever will take the time and trouble to befriend any of us trapped in a place like this..."

Robert M., Age 50: "...I would love to hear from any beautiful Jewish person, man or woman. So my mind and spirit can continue to be free...anybody."

Isaac B., Age 59: "...someone who will take the time, to set aside the reasons I am here...and teach me the proper way of observing the Jewish faith..."

Saul T., Age 39: "I am looking for an observant Jew who will help me return to my faith ...teach me to study...help me learn torah." Moshe A., Age 50: "...Who do I want to write to me ?...Someone breathing...just anyone."

Ezra H., Age 59: " Please...anyone who will write...I have not had any outside correspondence for 18 years...I love Israel, politics, animals, music."

Ezra E., Age 23: Blank application form except for his name and prison address, Jewish ....and Release Date..in for LIFE. (comment: too difficult to explain or ask...... now that was all that Ezra cared to say.)

Nathan R., Age 39: "...I have no family to receive mail or talk to ... is there anyone willing to share life issues or world views..."

Naomi C., Age 33: "...I have been incarcerated for five years and I'm continually surrounded by women...is there an understanding Jewish grandfather that would write to me."

Rachel L., age 26: "...I found your address in a booklet...would like a pen pal...I am the only Jew here and because of budget cuts there is no Chaplain...What can you offer me...I would love to hear about Israel, the Zionist movement...anything to relate to my faith...I am alone."

Boaz C., Age 35: "...seeking to convert...I want someone to teach me...to answer my questions about my new found religion...someone who is good at explaining Jewish traditions and history ..."

Joseph U., Age 37: "I'm conservative...Please I want to talk to a man about Chabad Lubavitch...I want to learn...I have no other hobbies in here...It would be wonderful to have someone to learn Torah with..."

Sol E. Age 71: "...Attached is my pen pal application...I am so excited because I have never had anyone to write to before...How long will it be before someone writes to me ?"

Robert F. Age 47.... I will be in this Federal prison for life, I am now divorced and my daughters no longer write or visit..  My crime was not violent, it was one of stupidity and greed.  I was a pilot for American Airlines...I flew from South America to Miami where my plane was searched...and a large quantity of drugs were uncovered. Stupid me would greatly appreciate a pen friend. "

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