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Canetti, Elias

  • When you write down your life, every page should contain something no one has ever heard about.

  • Adults find pleasure in deceiving a child. They consider it necessary, but they also enjoy it. The children very quickly figure it out and then practice deception themselves.

  • The fear of burglars is not only the fear of being robbed, but also the fear of a sudden and unexpected clutch out of the darkness.

  • Every decision is liberating, even if it leads to disaster. Otherwise, why do so many people walk upright and with open eyes into their misfortune?

  • Whether or not God is dead: it is impossible to keep silent about him who was there for so long.

  • There is no doubt: the study of man is just beginning, at the same time that his end is in sight.

  • There is no such thing as an ugly language. Today I hear every language as if it were the only one, and when I hear of one that is dying, it overwhelms me as though it were the death of the earth.

  • One should not confuse the craving for life with endorsement of it.

  • The profoundest thoughts of the philosophers have something tricklike about them. A lot disappears in order for something to suddenly appear in the palm of the hand.

  • The self-explorer, whether he wants to or not, becomes the explorer of everything else. He learns to see himself, but suddenly, provided he was honest, all the rest appears, and it is as rich as he was, and, as a final crowning, richer.

  • Success is the space one occupies in the newspaper. Success is one day's insolence.